Our Mission

The be the healthiest and most refreshing dessert for your doggy!

We just got started but already made huge progress in getting to our ultimate goal to be the healthiest and best treat for your doggy. We only use 100% natural and doggy safe ingredients combined with the benefit of a dental stick. It’s like brushing your teeth after desert. Brilliant, right?

Supporting local farmers

Every fruit in our Dicecreams are locally sourced to support farmers. Our favourite place to stock up all our goodies is Noosa Farmers Market.

Environmentally friendly

We are very passionate about our environment. Our main focus was to develop a fully environmentally friendly product. Each Dicecream is fully edible because the popsicles are made out of dental stick leaving no mark on our beautiful beaches and parks.

We also use NutriFlex packaging which is fully biodegradable and made in Australia.

Supporting local communities

10% profit from each Dicecream goes to support local homeless families through Salvation Army Noosa.

Yes, we are very proud of this!

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